Sunday, October 25, 2009

taken a pause

I realize that when one starts a blog you need to be adding to it regularly. I am not sure yet if there is an audience and so i suppose i dont feel i have to keep people enlightened each day. Well anyhow i have to put my food diary on hold as we are in the middle of major renovations. This is a picture of the Hind's Head, a pub owned by Heston Blumenthal. It is a stones throw from his famous Fat Duck in the village of Bray, an hour or so out of London. I was priveleged to have lunch at the pub with my Brother in Law Stuart. Amazing wonderful Chicken Pie and what was referred to as a Quaking Pudding. This is a wonderful free standing wobbly egg custard style dessert, which comes with its own little potted history. Well more later. I will resume my diary in a week or two. Sorry to those potential readers who are hanging on my every word !! (not)

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