Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sat Afternoon 2.30

I have decided that this whole blogging thing is maybe not about anything else other than keeping some kind of a food diary of my life If it has no interest for others (and why should it) it will be a way of getting back into a bit of writing.

It does all seem a little too self conscious!!!! But what the heck!

Yesterday (friday) i went with a few of the girls from the cookery class to the food and wine show. After a bit of cell phone contact most of us assembled in the Action Chef's Theatre. Ainsley Harriot was on first. What a show man, and i am sure a nice guy, but i have never been excited about his cookery on T.V or his books. Aside from his ear piece giving him trouble, his dropping of a pan with a chicken dish on the floor , and the glass front of the oven cracking and dropping all over the floor it was very entertaining (cant remember much that he made). Second up was a South African fellow (forgotten the name) who is a chef working for Jamie Oliver. He was to my mind unprofessional, and i got a sense of him being a difficult fellow to work with (or for). He didnt have much of a presence and an elderly woman from the audience, who volunteered to assist him, was not an enhancement as she gloried in the lime light.

We all split up after a cup of good Illy coffee, and i nosed around the various stalls. Not much impressed me this time. I did however manage to get rid of some money on a few things. A Skye Gygnell cookery book (more on her later) which seems very good, another Global Knife (got R100 off), a salad spinner (excellent quality) a fantastic small swiss frying pan (do i need another???) some wine, and olive oil from a small farm (the stand impressed!!) and a few other odds and sods. Later i went alone to a Skye (as above) demo, which was a gentle making of a few fish dishes. I got the feeling she hasn't done much live work, although she is well known for her wonderful cafe Petersham Nurserys in London (i have been and it is in a glass house as part of a working nursery,and very nice while being terribly expensive and a bit self consciously green).

Today i went and met 4 girlfriends at Nap (a wonderful little coffee shop in Hout Bay). we caught up with all our news over copious cups of excellent Illy Coffee, Croissants (the best) and 2 of us shared a soft moistly delicious Carrot cake. We went through exciting news, to woes and all of the stuff in between.

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