Sunday, May 24, 2009


Somehow FOOD has always been the one thing in life that has been an enduring all encompassing passion. From the aggressive dislike of the taste of milk when I was a baby to the making and selling of Date loaves when I was 12, down to my 56 year old self now that gives inspirational cookery classes. How does one develop such a passion? Some would say through one's upbringing. This is not really true for me. I would love to say I had Italian or French parents, or as a family we were adventurous in our eating. But aside from a wonderful Roast Chicken recipe(and meat loaf) and good baking skills, my mother did not pass on a passion for food. No one was my mentor in this love affair, it boiled and consumed me (and still does) from deep within my own soul. I did not attend a Cordon Bleu school (although I would have loved to have done) or any other Culinary institution. I am self taught. Well not entirely. I collected Robert Carrier Magazine a life time ago and his accuracy helped me to lay down the ground rules. I would read and cook my way through each of the booklets which arrived each month. From there I felt ready to experiment on my own. Many errors were made,back in the time of Beef Stroganoff and Chocolate mousse! But nothing got me down and I would eventually perfect a recipe that I chose. Meringues spring to mind here. First they were flat and granular, then soft and weepy (like I felt) until finally up they rose, slightly chewy, crisp and blonde coloured. To jump to today (I dont want to bore you) after running a small catering company, and opening (and closing) a small bistro, I now give cookery classes. This is where I have found my true love, combining creating food and imparting my love to others, all at the same time. I would love to do a similar thing on my blog.

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  1. If youre giving out recipes, thats a fab idea! Hmm, I tried to make a lemon meringue pie a couple of nights ago and my meringue def left something to be desired... It rose delightfully in the oven, and as soon as I had taken it out, down it went, like a deflating balloon. No crispness there then.