Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is for the ladies who attended the cookery class on Wednesday the 11th. I went to Woolies and chatted to a fantastic butcher (who has been one for 40 years). He confirmed that Topside is wrong for that way of roasting and that a sirloin roast or a rib eye (this to me looks the best) would be great because it has less connective tissue (which makes meat tough if it is cooked too fast and at too high a temperature)and more fat marbled through the meat (which keeps it tender and moist. SO SORRY that we had to confirm this in your lesson. I do recall I had made the same mistake many years ago, and should not have listened to Jamie's recipe. Meat overseas is in any case different to here both in cut and texture.

Also White chocolate is available in Woolworths. It is their own Organic white, this will be fine and half the price of the Van Gesau at Melissas.

Happy cooking


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